Stronghold Research Lab UI bug

Guys, found a way around this UI bug for anyone that isn’t able to research 2 things at a time.
Open your lab, change “Available Research” to “All Research” and just scroll until you find the one you completed and start another one, this way you can have 2 at a time.


This helped! Thank you so much

The OP literally said you could do that Pahx…

Confirmed problem and can confirm can search for the completed in the “all Research” tab but not in any of the others… Slightly annoying but not a big deal.

Hey, here to let y’all know that this is being tracked – in the meantime the workarounds will help!


Thanks !

Thank you so much! I could see it in the other tabs but couldn’t complete it. Your comment needs more attention so other people don’t waste time not researching! <3

same, so annoying

There’s another new bug with strongholds atm as well.

All of my ongoing research and dispatches are showing up as completed from the management page, but when I click on them to complete, it shows correctly that they still need several hours

This solution has worked perfectly, I hope it is a temporary problem.

Havent fixed yet

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Please fix this!!!

I love you

I put together some detailed instructions in my forum post after the workaround info made its way to me. If it helps:

no idea what your talking about have 300 blue hp potions being made like normal

Potions aren’t research, that’s workshop crafting. Workshop crafting works fine, only research is broken.

Getting a similar bug. It shows “research complete” in the progress info window, but when I click on the completed research it shows that it has 2 hours left. Please fix your game Lost Ark devs…

Same here… Fix this Lost Ark!! (SA Server)

Out of stronghold:
Captura de tela 2022-03-05 142505

In stronghold:

You are a saint, my good sir, thanks alot for this tips!

Noticed this issue a couple of days ago.

Really makes it pointless to research more than 1 item unless they are the same timer.

Instead of always do a new post look for similar before … But … Yea that problem exist since forums exist … people never will look for posts before.

But U could post it in the right topic “Bugs”
Not “feedback”