Stronghold Research Lab UI bug

Post update the Lab in Stronghold is only showing one “ongoing” research item for those with a lab level capable or researching more than one item at once.

It is possible to start the multiple items, but only the first one started is visible in the ongoing research - completing further items requires finding them under “all research” and hitting the complete button there.

It does appear to be completely visual UI related.


Can confirm, having the same issue with the research and deployment UI being bugged out.

I can see both my deployed ships when i go into the deployment screen, but in the left hand UI quick nav it only shows one.

With regards to the research tab, i am only seeing a single research, but there are two running. I cannot see the second research running in the tab or window for the lab.

This is preventing me from changing adding a new research :confused:


Hi Tyreal and Konimai

Theres already an open topic about it

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? ive linked it ? its right there in my post?

here again for you

vouch same here on Mari server

This is also true for all EUC servers. Please fix asap!

Same issue here.

Same issue, i can’t research 2 things at the same time.

Same issue


Same on Trixion ! Only one possible research

Same on Inanna. I had a Lab that could perform 2 researches at once and after today’s update its bugged and I can only perform 1

Same problem EUW Moonkeep

Same problem here :frowning:

Guys, found a way around this UI bug for anyone that isn’t able to research 2 things at a time.
Open your lab, change “Available Research” to “All Research” and just scroll until you find the one you completed and start another one, this way you can have 2 at a time.


This helped! Thank you so much

The OP literally said you could do that Pahx…

Confirmed problem and can confirm can search for the completed in the “all Research” tab but not in any of the others… Slightly annoying but not a big deal.

Hey, here to let y’all know that this is being tracked – in the meantime the workarounds will help!


Thanks !