Stronghold research shows one slot, cannot start second research

thanks for the suggestion, but my issue is not only visual

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yep i know but its the same issue and to speed up the process post in 1 thread instead of 8 :D^^ just want to speed the things up for you (tbh the problem is nearly the same so its possible the same adress)

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good point

I linked this in the thread that you sent

yeah same here cant start a a second research as its black out as well.

Same thing on my account as well, finished 1 research to see what happened. I was able to start a second project but still can only see 1 in the info tab on the left, the house icon at the top shows both working right.

same thing for me right now

I would like to report the exact same issue and stress that this entirely prevents players from FUNCTIONALLY using their second lab slot so it is not only a visual issue.

Mine actually did have a research complete but it wouldn’t let me complete it because one of my other researches were not complete and I couldn’t click on the specific research i needed since it only shows 1. Also having the issues y’all are having above as well.

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Having same issue and now I have lost my Crafting Workshop lvl3 progress to invisible second research slot. @Roxx Anyone know about this issue?

Yes, thanks for the reports! It is indeed a visual bug only, so the slots will still work in the meantime


Will there be a fix for this visual bug or will we have to yolo until further notice?

You cant complete the research in the 2nd slot though, since your unable to select it.

Which is especially nice when you have one with hours long left in the first slot.


In the research screen change the drop down to All Research - from there you can scroll down to the one that is finished and complete it

It’s also erroneously displaying tasks as completed both under research and dispatch.

@goldispaul Are you sure you didn’t actually have two research projects in-progress prior to patch and just forgot about it? This was my case. Clicked to show all available projects and had to scroll through slowly the find the other I had forgot about and complete the project, then it let me start a 2nd one.

Screenshot of the erroneous completion message:

Although completed research after the patch didn’t appear, I could complete them using the All Research list to “see” them. However, I couldn’t initiate 2 new researches (only one), as only one slot is available.

It is not a visual bug @Roxx as I’m only able to research one thing instead of 2. I only have 1 slot for research and the Research button is grey, so I cannot start a second research!

Whoops, my mistake with the outdated info – but the team already has the bug being tracked :slight_smile:

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and ETA on a fix?

A bug like this will have to be integrated into a client patch, so we don’t have an ETA quite this quickly

In the meantime, here’s a workaround players can use: Stronghold Research Slots Missing - #201 by Pahx


Thanks @Roxx that works! But please, don’t be like New World and with each patch introduce more and more bugs… :frowning: