Stronghold Research Slots Missing

Nope no way to afik, hopefully they put out a fix for it soon as I’m just stuck unable to research atm…

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Same issue, only showing one active project and only one slot, however switching from Available to All research and scrolling through the list does show two projects running.

Switching characters doesn’t seem to refresh the UI unfortunately

Same issue. I have completed research but when I click on it nothing happens.


this was the first thing I noticed when I opened the game up . I’d just built lab3 and I’d just got my two research slots, so when I saw this it was a wtf moment

I am also affected by this issue as it’s the first thing to do when logging in.

same/similar issue

same here. I am unable to complete the one that is complete since there is no where on the UI to complete it. can’t start another research unfortunately,

Also affected by this.

To all those saying “it’s just visual” - well it might just be an UI bug, but still function/game play IS impacted because you can’t finish the completed research and thus not trigger new research.


Same issue here.
Having one research complete in the second slot that I cannot finish. With the first slot being occupied by another research with 8 hours left, it is frustrating to miss out on hours worth of research :confused:

Hopefully they’ll have it fixed soon!

I’m hoping they will give research cards for the time lost when they do fix it if its gonna be more than like 8 hours

I can say it is not just a visual bug. I was researching +1 dispatch slots which still had over 1 day of researching left but inside stronghold it showed as complete and didn’t show the other research which was actually complete at all. I was able to send two dispatches which shouldn’t have been possible before the research is actually completed.

Same here. Even after re-entering the stronghold, switching characters, and rebooting the game. sadge

Same problem here

same for me here

Same problem, thank you for doing such a bang up job getting the game to work in the eu/na regions

same same :frowning:

Same here. Please fix it.

Jeff thinks you all are doing way more research than Amazon do so he stole all your research tabs

Exact same issue.

same issue, new patch new bugs