Stronghold Research Slots Missing

Same problem here, my second research slot is not visible, and I can’t complete one finished research…

Same issue here on EUC Brelshazza after todays patch:

I suggest you contact the Amazon games support over this. (I suggest Live Chat!) They won’t do anything, but they seem to have gotten some new people on board and they don’t exactly understand the required responses they’re supposed to copy/paste at you (you know, the usual corporate speak…) so it leads to at least some hilarity to keep you entertained at least, as the devs remain busy at breaking a perfectly functional game! >.<


Same here.

My completed dispatch station lv. 3 upgrade is taken hostage by this bug, so in addition to losing a research slot, I’ve lost out on a station slot as well.

Quick fix

go into all reseach and from there you can select the completed research to finish it


Adding my me too…I had 2 lab research items going, came back from maintenance, one is showing (it says complete on the left, but the big window shows 5h left) and the other one is back in the list to run AGAIN… sigh

It is NOT just visual, i am unable to research 2 at a time WITH Lv. 3… Not missing anything…

Nothing in this topic allows me to do any more research, it may only work for some :frowning:


Nope, it is not listed there.

I just finished my reseach that way

Yea same issue, can’t access the finished upgrade or the finished dispatch…

is there any testing of the patches before you implement them?

Same issue here, I have a completed investigation but I can’t “complete” it.

Same issue here, stronghold research slots are bugged.

I am having the same issue as well as with the second dispatch slot.

Running into the same as well.

having the same issue although originally I couldn’t finish my second research had to complete a research with gems for it to accept my second research complete

same issue

Not only a visual bug. I had 2 completed LAB TASKS when I logged in. Once I went to the Stronghold, there was 1 which was completed, but not able to complete but by using the instant button to complete and charging me 1 blue crystal.

Once I did that, I had 2 slots open.

I started research in 1 slot (the only one that shows…) and now it shows no where. When I try researching another one, it wont let me, as it only shows me the one currently in progress.

I can add the following, maybe it helps:
Yesterday it were my last two researches on the list. One of them was the Manor upgrade.
So after patch I log in and complete the manor upgrade. After that you get a complete new list and this madness happens.

same here