Stronghold Research Slots Missing

Same problem here

same for me here

Same problem, thank you for doing such a bang up job getting the game to work in the eu/na regions

same same :frowning:

Same here. Please fix it.

Jeff thinks you all are doing way more research than Amazon do so he stole all your research tabs

Exact same issue.

same issue, new patch new bugs

Yep, exactly the same issue…

Same issues, new research in progress show completed, and can’t complete the precedent one…

Applied to expeditions too, show one old finished, on 1 slot when 2 are actually running…

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Saw a suggestion to do File Verification in Steam. Not solved this problem. Just a warning so other ppl wouldn’t waste time for that.

Same Issue Server Slen

Same problem with the ship missions in the stronghold

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the same thing happened to me too, stronghold lvl 20, the possibility of having two researches has already been unlocked, but now it has disappeared

Same here, can’t complete one of my 2 research so can’t queue 2 at the same time :frowning:

@Roxx everyone has the same problem. Are you guys aware of this issue and any ETA of fix?

I didn’t see a single stronghold related change in the notes.

Yes same issue here. And it isn’t just a visual glitch if can’t complete/start the 2nd slot. Have found no way to do so despite a few saying it was just visual and you could still do research. Same goes for dispatch. Tried verifying files just to make sure wasn’t a local issue.

same here

Same problem here, my second research slot is not visible, and I can’t complete one finished research…

Same issue here on EUC Brelshazza after todays patch: