Stronghold Special Mission Bug


  1. Issue: Currently it is not possible to send more than 1 dispatch to the same special mission “guardian raid - Velganos”. It has been there all the time
  2. Steps: Have beaten velganos already > Have 2 characters that can do velganos > send in stronghold a dispatch to velganos with one of the characters > attempt to send another dispatch to velganos with the other character that is able to do it. The UI is bugged, it shows the progress of the first character you sent without an option to send the second one
  3. Location of issue: stronghold

It was specified that this would be doable in the patch notes for valtan release: patch notes

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community, Alfy6. Thanks for letting us know about this.

What is your character name and server name?

Hi @Centeotl,

The issue is still present,

Main Character is Alfypal, server Karta

I just sent my sorc to do the special mission Velganos, when I go on my berserker I cannot send him on the same mission, as you can see in the screenshot below the UI is showing the sorcs progress for both slots.

Sorry for the slow reply, Alfy6. I’ll send this over to the development team for you.

Thank you @Centeotl :slight_smile:

No problem!