Stronghold special mission guardian raid bug

I sent alt#1 on Igrexion dispatch mission, and now none of my other alts, including alt#1 , are able to send a second Igrexion mission. Upon selecting the Raid! Igrexion mission that has not yet been dispatched, I only see right side panel showing countdown of the currently active Igrexion mission, and not the crew formation menu.

I’ve tried restarting client, logging in and out, tried all eligible alts, but the 2nd Igrexion dispatch page is consistently bugged out. Selecting a different guardian raid (e.g. armored nacrasena) does show crew formation page properly, so issue seems to be only with the dispatch mission of the same boss.

It happend to me, the second guardian is in the next page (using the arrow icon you can go to the next page.). ENJOY =P

I don’t see another Igrexion on any of the subsequent 3 pages… am I missing something?

I had assumed it was intentional.

It should be though, based on patch notes:

  • You can now send more than one dispatch on the same special mission from the Dispatch Station. If a crew member that you added manually is the same as one in auto-formation, then the auto-formation button will become inactive.

I have the same bug and it still wasn’t addressed.