Stronghold Stronghold for the strong


The image above is my play time, it is not the greatest, but it is quite substantial as my work hours from actual work in the whole year add up to less time than what i spent in lost ark , also I think I had a holiday of about 4 days where i didn’t log in at all had to go away from town and see relatives. I do NOT care about the stronghold thingy, but I laughed strongly when I saw u needed to be logged in every day for 365 days… bruh…


Man this is a joke :slight_smile: …. 365 logins. Which person had this stupid idea…


Yep, I was hospitalized for three days in December and physically unable to log into the game, so no trophy for me, I guess.

Let’s be real the only (((people))) who logged in 365 days in a row without missing a single day are bots that dodged the monthly bans lol

And those who like the game…

I like the game, I logged close to double my work hours from my job, i have maybe 10 days in the year that i didn’t log in, the trophy is a damn joke

I lost 6 days when Hurricane Fiona knocked out power across my province.


No shiny balls for us :frowning:

@Roxx where is our justice! I missed less time overall than AGS lost to extended maintenance :rofl:

Make the reward like 365 or 2000 hours. 2000 hours is basically 6 hours online every day for 365 days.

I can even set it up beside my 60/60 World Tree Leaves statue


How much of a neet are you where there isn’t a single day in 365 where work or other responsibility stopped you from logging in. That’s not even factoring in storms, etc

finally the give something for the nolifes here that went nuts when the server went down extanded maintenance

Im sure alot of here will receive it

yhaahhaahah trueee, on that big extended maintenance where they opened the servers at 4AM in EUC i didn’t log in , i logged at 13:00 next day, trueee

i think i haven’t missed any days. But my reasons are…questionable.

Do you need to be a net to do somethigng that takes less than 5 minutes?

Or do you need to call other’s names to feel better by the lost of something that shouldnt be important?

But yes, i will answer you. i work at IT. so im always surrounded with PCs and Internet, at work, in the Road, At home, in other cities during the Branch visits, etc. etc. etc.

ps: there is always steamlink+gforce now

Too bad brotha, you gonna get gatekept by 365 trophy lobbies now :joy:

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I’m pointing out there’s too many different things that can and did happen that stopped people from logging in whether it’s weather, storms, responsibility, works, holidays, family, etc.

While i don’t really care about stronghold it’s the idea of locking something behind something practically everyone can’t have access to it due to irl reasons. There’s a reason logging reward gets extended or are given an additional week to allow most people to reach the final reward.


It’s over, I might as well just quit now.

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I have quite a lot of hours and even I didn’t make 365 days.

I went travelling for 2 weeks :skull:

I agree to it, maybe i got it by coincidence, but what i can see is that Devs. want people to log in into the game even if is to do guild contrib 365 days. thats why is progressive to the future.

So i believe they do it this for future Archievement, and incentivate people to do it. Like most of those in the list that takes a LOT of time.

It takes roughly 365 days


Fair enough, it would make more sense for it to not be consecutive days. My area for example gets constantly hit by 40-50cm of snow followed by loss of electricity for some time during winter. Having one of those hit and be reset back to day 1 sound like a nightmare.

It should have been given out for the 1 year instead of adding more nonsense to it (not that the structure interests me, but the way it’s being done will screw over more people than it helps).