Stronghold Structure Placement Bug

Good day!

Had Hope to see this Hotfixed already when i next had some time to decorate my SH.
As it turns out it was not fixed yet so i’d like to post this and see if you could bring that up for the upper-ups to find a solution to fix it.

Maybe I’m just wrong and did something wrong or set up something wrong but i cannot place any “Entertainment” Structures on any other Field than the “Remote Island”.

Tried it with the Design theme option and single placement option aswell but it doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks for your time and effort, have a great day ^.^

There are definitely some issues. For example, prior to the recent patch that added Yeti structure etc, I was able to place the full race track design theme on my main island.

Issue: Anything categorized as an “entertainment or play structure” is now restricted to the remote island. And for some reason even the remote island has a single entertainment structure limit, despite tons of space.

This includes the Lost Ark Racing Item Chests that are automatically part of the design, but now all “entertainment items” have this blurb that says “can only be placed in the Remote Island”

When I go to my remote island that is completely empty, zero facility or character points spent


I can’t place the winter freeze tag theme.

It goes me this error over and over:


Not game breaking as all this stuff is cosmetic and just for fun. But it is a bummer to spend thousands of blue crystals and then have it not work. Would appreciate if can be added to the list for a bug fix or at least CM looking into it.

@Roxx Thank you as always :slight_smile:

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thank you for adding to the list. appriciate your time to post about this “small” portion of the game . I always enjoyed decorating housing stuff in other games aswell and i am really dissapointed that i spent as you said thousands of blue crystals to buy the decorations for it to not work as intended. hope they can fix it someday :confused:

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Hello! Thanks for reporting this, appreciate the extra info @bgesek.

I’ll send this post over to the team.

Issue is still Present. Any news on it?