Stronghold Structures

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One of the “extra things” I really like about this game is the Stronghold, and I’ve invested a lot of resources into decorating it. But I felt that structures were lacking for this. so, i went looking on youtube, and i came across a stronghold contests (LOST ARK Stronghold Contest - 10.000 Gold Prize - YouTube)" and i came across several structures that i had never seen. The one that caught my attention was a cabin, which I believe is acquired in Punika. i made 85% of this continent and i never saw any npc that sold the recipe to be able to make it.

does anyone know where i can buy it? or, do you have any tips for buying some cool structures to put in my Stronghold?

here is the print of the structure

the cabin is a kit bought from the store, you can buy the roof/floors/walls etc in separate packs and assemble it

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You buy it with blue crystals

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