Stronghold UI bugg

After yesterday’s patch, I encountered the following bugg in Stronghold UI, i can make 2 lab research, when i see them both from Stronghold reserch window like here :

Whwn i port to Stronghold end want finish them i only see one :

So when i put 2 research i need finish both to click them, when first one will end before seccond one i cant click finish or complete.

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I am experiencing a similar bug!

hello please post here cause theres already 50 open threads about the same thing :slight_smile: use the search function or top function before posting thanks!

samething here, have a reserch done but its hidden by the one that is still going

I am having the same/a similar issue as reported by the folks above. My stronghold is reporting research is done even though it is still in progress & I can’t see the 2nd research slot. Some guildies are experiencing the same issue.