Stronghold UI issue

Hello, I need help with my stronghold research UI. After the latest update my stronghold lab only shows 1 research in the Lab menu instead of 2 even though there are 2 researches in progress (as u can see in the yellow icon above the lab). It’s quite bothersome because when the 2nd research finish, it does not show in the Lab menu so I have to scroll through the whole list to find it and click the complete button. Would be a great help if you could help. Thank you!

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Hello Mystdepapi,

Welcome to the Lost Ark Forums.

I really appreciate you’re communicating to us about this issue.

Please, make sure all Lost Ark’s files are working properly with a Steam Integrity check files:

After you run the Steam integrity check files, re-launch Lost Ark.

If the problem persist with the Lab menu, please refer to:

Once more I’m sorry for the inconveniences this may cause. :man_mage:

I’m also experiencing this bug, how about you address it there are multiple topics on it.

Hello, I am also experiencing exactly this bug.

However, it has affected every function of the management window, and not just the lab.

Lab, Workshop, Dispatch - all are experiencing this issue.