Stronghold winter props in store (yeti, brazer and wand) 'can not be placed'

The Yeti, Brazer and wand can’t be placed on anywhere on stronghold land. There is a message that appears that states “you can not place a entertainment item here”.

I tried to place them everywhere and the same occurs. I have other props like all the Halloween ones and those work fine and can be placed on the main land or anywhere.

Same issue here. Can we have any information about this @Roxx ?

Hello, is this the same as the issue posted in the thread below?

Hey @OminousOnion, thanks for reply!
Yes its seems. I can place the items only on the remote island, nowhere else.

Thanks for confirming! I’ve reported this to the team.

Not trying to be a complete ass, but a note that this was reported in November, over 1 month ago. Appreciate that this is finally being addressed but maybe we can get a solution before winter is over please so I can complete my winter wonderland with the items I purchased!

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Can we please get a status on this issue please? It it on a log or sprint at this point?

Don’t make any expectations about fixes. As you can see any bug that is reported will never be fixed.

  • Dcs: 1+Months whitout fix
  • Reactivation Skill: 1+Mounths whitout fix