Strongholds can have your alts + trusted level NPCs

None of my friends care about this part of the game, but the strongholds pretty much make you self sufficient. I also treat it like a sims game lol


It’s actually the only thing I wish they removed in this game. It’s a very silly feature since they do nothing… it’s a bit odd to me. I feel like they only added this cause it was easy to implement.

If you think Strongholds do nothing, you haven’t invested any time into it. They give you the ability to power level your alts to 50 by paying 600 gold. You get your own trade skill nodes to farm daily, you get to craft battle items that are essential for dungeons / raids. They also net you materials to progress gear with. The stronghold is not a useless feature.

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Was not talking about the stronghold…

What were you talking about? Im so confused

He was probably talking about NPC/Char placement inside of a stronghold, not the stronghold as a whole.

She is talking about something in this game that’s not grindable/improving stats = silly and useless - decorations on ur land. Lol. No way Silce that u actually typed “… I WISH they removed in this game”, no way decorations make u this way, like its useless because it gives 0% to ur item level.
It’s a fun way to build ur own land, to give it ur touch and do whatever u like to it (or nothing at all Silce, it doesnt hurt anyone), like op said - like in the sims. Thats really bothering you this much?

Sorry then for misunderstanding

I love the Stronghold and I love decorating even if it has no real use. It’s just the NPC placements that feel out of place to me.