Struggling really badly on Argos P1

One of the hardest things for me are positional with a mouse… using skills in all the wrong directions because of the cursor…, how do people do it?

you can change the color of your cursor to make it easier to see

As above said, u can change the colour and size of the cursor. After that its just practice and getting used to it

Giant pink cursor is a popular choice.


Ctrl + scroll wheel

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If you hold CTRL+scroll up or down it changes your cursors colour.

It’s not the cursor color, I just find it nearly impossible to control my character with positional using a mouse this way.

I have this problem in pvp with all the knockups to be honest. I probably wiff my attacks 30-50% of the time on knocked-up characters because for me personally it’s difficult to line up my cursor with where the game says the character is. My brain just automatically tries to attack where the knocked-up character is on the screen and I end up missing.

An indicator on the ground, some kind of ring or such, of where the character is would help me a ton.

For you though, it sounds like an issue of just needing a bit more practice. If you’ve got problems landing back/front attacks then there will be an update at some point in the future that adds indicators around the base of the bosses so you know where to attack from.

Honestly, I turn off all other player effects. It sucks and I wish I could tune it to just certain skills but it is what it is and makes it considerably easy to see. Increasing the mouse size helps.

This game’s UI customization is pretty bad and really shows when you run 4k.

Had no idea about the mouse size so that’s neat . Long ago removed the effects of other players though as I couldn’t keep up with WTF was going on.

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This is my first game with controls like this since Diablo 2 which was far easier, so I guess I just need practice.


Getting better, survived to the 30% second clock

I find this fight has so many mechanics I see people spending the entire fight doing mechanics and not doing enough dps.

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Good, keep practicing. The fact that you can go from struggling to making significant progress means it’s not the game’s design

I Hear you, but I still think this fight might be a little too hard for a normal mode.

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There isn’t a hard mode for Argos. You’re fighting the current end game fight, it’s not gonna be easy, especially if you need to practice the fight.

Supports really make the fight a lot easier, so if you’re struggling, I suggest trying to get a paladin/bard in your party.

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What class are you playing? If you are really having a difficult time with game control, I suggest playing Blue Gunlancer. It lets you ignore most mechanics and play more mindlessly. In KR, it’s sometimes called “old man character” since people not good with at game control can play them.

That said, even Bronze LoL players can play most characters perfectly fine and do mechs and such. Perhaps it will just take you more time to practice.

My main is a Deathblade.

I just want to point out that casual mmo players are probably not super into intense cursor control games like OP.

Bronze LoL players, believe it or not, are still better than the average human trying video games.

It’s actually not, it’s just you