Struggling really badly on Argos P1

Is this trolling, or just unskillful communication? You decide!

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I think you’re right, but it’s also what we are used to.
I played pretty hardcore in WOW from 2004-2019 and in FFXIV from 2019 to present… trying out Lost Ark in between expansions.

The game in some ways reminds me of Diablo II and I really liked that game, but that combat was far more forgiving with movement than this game is.

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The controls are extremely difficult to maneuver around with a mouse. sometimes its not even accurate where my character lands lol

i think the hardest thing about this game is that it has very small reaction times to get out of a circle or if you are even one step to the left and then want to move out on right, you get hit.
so basically there is very little time to think.
most mmos or encounters that i know gives you often 1 or more seconds for a reaction, but in lost ark there is often maybe 300 ms time to react, noe it is particularly fun if your ping is 200ms

For the main pizza mechanic you can use support or time stop potions. For the end Sun is always left, moon always right. After 2-3 times you will perfect this. P1 is pretty easy in my opinion. I will try P2 after the reset but from the guides it looks harder.

no idea, not doing argos. just sometimes funny in abyss dungrons when i am not in the red circle and thrn bring dead :laughing:

There is some options on mouse direction handling in settings.
Think must be in gameplay.

Might feel better for some to change some of that.

All I kinow is, I’ve been attempting Argos P1 for a few days now, probably have close to 20 attempts and no success yet. I’m using the 7 elemental potions, never had a timestop, where do I get those? I find pizza isn’t too bad, usually it’s just random normal attacks that do me in, it’s very hard to stay at his side because he’s constantly rotating and adjusting himself.

Also it seems VERy few people play support in NA

You should have it in the chests, i don’t remember which one. Here how it looks - Time Stop Potion - Lost Ark Wiki People use it usually for the main pizza mechanic. It’s not viable for the small pizza mechanic, you have more time to react.

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When LA released, someone posted a way to use keyboard or gamepad. Probably made use of macros, maybe you can look that up, although it is not recommended.

You are much better off getting used to the movement as is. It will take a while for your mind to adapt, but eventually it will.

Honest advice / question: are you clicking or holding down the mouse button to move?

I find when I die to mechanics / bad positioning its because I’m holding the mouse instead of clicking. I have to have a buddy always remind me to click more.

With this, you can use ReWASD. I tried it for a bit but it was really bad imo. It was nice to use WASD but suddenly all my skills became targeted and not instant casts. Also the targeting system on the controller is janky in this game so you end up using skills facing your character.

Re dying to normal boss attacks. Try and watch a few videos with the purpose of looking at the attack patterns / animation tells. Unlike WoW / FFXIV where you have huge warning the boss is about to do a giga-attack, Lost Ark uses subtle animations.

Edit: Also make sure the “Attacks Point at Cursor Direction” or whatever the option is called is enabled. IIRC its under “Settings → Gameplay” and a little bit in the middle of that menu.

Thanks for that.

Also, thank you to everyone who gave really good advice and support. It is appreciated.

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Visual cues like animations are probably the worst, hardest to see and react too… ground cues like in FFXIV are better, and audio cues are best as you don’t have to be looking anywhere specifically so you can react much faster.

Yea and as others suggested, switching to “View Party Buffs Only” helps remove a lot of visual clutter making it easier to see the super subtle animations.

IMO and honestly, no troll, one of the best bosses to get used to this kind of things is Nacrasena 1. Not Armored, the 500ilvl one.

Homie has so many different moves that all kind of look the same, until you start noticing the little differences. Really helps. Same with Nahun in the tower, its so subtle that High Hands = Outside and Low Hands = Inside type of deal.

FFXIV is GOATed for sure, but one thing I find refreshing / challening about LOA is the randomization of boss attacks. Es not scripted as per FFXIV Savage tier stuff.

IMO and honestly, no troll, one of the best bosses to get used to this kind of things is Nacrasena 1. Not Armored, the 500ilvl one.

Thanks, that’s a good tip.

FFXIV is GOATed for sure, but one thing I find refreshing / challenging about LA is the randomization of boss attacks. It’s not scripted as per FFXIV Savage tier stuff.

I agree, I find overly scripted fights to not be fun. I don’t like to feel my game is mechanized and soullessly redundant.

Yea and also helps you learn / progress as a player. Nothing worse than being in a static for FFXIV savages and wiping at the same minute mark (yes happened to me on P3S on my AST) because for some reason, after 24 tries, people don’t know where to stand.


Anyway, if you need any more help with Argos lmk. I’ve got 2 chars Argos ready so have done P1 quite a bit.

Are you at the exact minimum (1370)? Do you run cursed doll / grudge? What class do you play?

Definitely turn off other player skill effects except beneficial raid.

Argos does tend to spam a lot of quick knockdowns rather than overly telegraphed attacks. This will ramp up in p2 and p3 though. If you’re struggling it might make more sense to play safe and sacrifice some DPS than trying to have perfect uptime while dodging.

The cursor itself doesn’t bother me but I’ve also played a lot of arpg/moba. Do you only run into this trouble in Argos and not dungeons or GR?

how to change the size of the cursor o.o?`

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nvm found it :open_mouth:

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Good, i will still leave here this video for everyone - Lost Ark - How To Change Cursor Colour & Size - YouTube