Stuck at 1270ilvl can not progress into T3

It has been 3 resets (72hours) and I’m stuck at 1270ilvl with no shoulder drops. There is no other way to gain that ONE item and its a massive bottleneck for progression. My Una’s tasks are still rewarding T2 rewards, my stronghold can not upgrade Roster Help t2+ reduction so my alts are all stuck at 820ilvl. Yes, I know there are many other things to do like collectables but while my friends and guildmates continue into t3, I’m stuck in T2-T3 Purgatory.


I think T3 content start at Ilvl 1,100… Punika??

Nah what he means is that he doesn’t drop t3 gear from chaos dungeon…it’s like the 100th post like this.

already done. How do you think I did choas dungeons to get to 1270?

Check the AH for that 1 specific blue piece. For example, yesterday on my bard i did my t1 CDs and GRs and got to 600, so i went to Yorn and djd the story to unlock t2. I knew i qouldnt get gear drops from my CDs to start t2 gear so i bought all 6 pieces on the AH and started upgrading. Got to 860 in minutes and did my abyss dungeons right away for my set pieces.

doesn’t work as you can’t buy T3 gear from AH.

you cant buy 1302 gear from the Market. They are untradeable.

Ahh, sorry i hadnt noticed that. I know on my sorc it took 2 days to get all my CD gear so i was stuck. Just worked on ither stuff and alts.

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If that is the case then why have they not addressed it? Is this a intentional?

This is already an issue for lot of ppl. But still no reply from AGS. I don’t know why they make this system (In KR or other server, these eqs are tradable like t2). There is another post from 24 Feb about this but still no reply from them. It is kinda funny that they nerfed the T1 and T2 content by saying T3 is the true content but some ppl are getting blocked to do these T3 contents now because this RNG issue. I believe there will be a maintenance at 10 of March, please make this T3 tradable like other server or just give us blank 1302 gear after we finish Punika at that maintenance. I also stuck with this RNG thing and cant do anything except logging out. And please don’t tell me to do the other things. Not everyone is a fan of mokoko or collecting tokens.

Agreed. I literally have no care to play the game right now. I will do collectables when I reach a point where I want to. Not while the rest of my guild / friends are progressing through content, making Thousands of gold selling T3 materials while they are still at a good price. I can’t even earn / buy T3 honing materials from the Choas exchange since it requires 1302 to purchase. As stated my alts are stuck at 820 because I’m not honing gear without the stronghold upgrade…which i cant start without 1302.

And 1 more thing, you cant even do your chaos gate secret map, because the minimum gs (the blue one) is 1280.

Don’t do unas/ daily guradians until that shoulder drop you’ll get rest bonus anyway for t3 mat drops. Just keep praying to rngesus

Not sure if it’s intentional or not. I know several guildies it happened to and some got it all in 1 day. RNG can be fickle. I know you dont want to do other stuff, but things like skill pot hunting can be useful for your current character as well as any alts. I understand your frustration though. Good luck getting what you need and on the honings.

Yes this is intentional in the way that they don’t want you skipping content by buying stuff from AH…I still think it’s stupid but what can I do.

btw, you cant even do the honing because you cant do guardian raid which is no leapstone , buying or exchange for materials. Basically, you are done with your gear except you get 1302 full set.

Yes but why let people do it otherwise, like pretty much everyone does the split second they open Yorn?

we just need the base equips to do the contents. I am fine if they just give us 1302 base set or give alternative ways to get those equips. Come on, how can you skip the content if you cant even start it. And yeah, nothing we can do except hoping that AGS will change it soon before ppl stop playing this because just the simple issue.

Failing on upgrading your gear is one thing. Id rather fail during honing and continue to work towards upgrading and farming material KNOWING if i put in more time i can accomplish my goal to upgrade gear. This is simply a time gate lockout where you are forced off your progression

The game is so full of time gating it makes me nauseous. Forcing everyone to do the exact same thing every day.