Stuck at 75%~ in loading screen (Valtan)

Been playing fine for the past few hours, however a few minutes ago when I tried loading into a new zone I have been stuck at the loading screen. I’ve tried restarting with no luck. Same issue. Anyone else?

Server: Valtan


Happening to multiple people in our guild on Valtan. People also getting disconnected and hitting 8k queues on reentry

just happened to me aswell
same server

same thing for me, third time in the hour. Any update would be appreciated.

I’ve read that logging into a new character and then trying again on the impacted character might work sometimes, but not for me. I was able to get in on an alt but not the character I was stuck on :frowning:

yeah i dont know the issue but i tried the same thing and no joy

yup keeps happening on Valtan for me

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i am also stuck in my stronghold loading screen. sadness. same server

Unfortunately my main is now stuck in a loading screen whenever I log into them. I’ve been disconnected twice now, but I can’t do anything else with her because it drops me straight into the area load screen

I’m also having the same issue as well as a friend of mine, we are both on valtan.

Yep server is broke

Keeps happening to me as well. I tried force stopping in Steam and then validating all files, then logging on with a different character, but same results.

Looks like it’s the server. From what I’m hearing, queues are also up over 9k now as well

yeeeeeap happened to me twice, first time the queue’s were dropping like crazy, 5k queue about 5 mins, now happened again and back to being slow… :slight_smile: at 7k now yay


They are probably going to take them down…I don’t get que but get the 75% loading screen…especially into major cities

Same here, after 10 mins get an error G0x9-SPELPWP1P2PT

edit - looks like emergency downtime for 30 mins starting shortly.

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This is the error message that is popping up after timing out on the loading screen

Valtan has been taken offline

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I just wanna say wow to the response time on that, well done to you. and thank you