Stuck at 90% loading

Hello, after today patch i get stuck at 90% loading bar like every 2-3 loadings, i need to alt f4 and restart. Am i the only one experiencing this?

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Same here. I’m trying to start the game for 2 hours now.

EDIT: My characters don’t load at all. Sometimes I end up in Kalaja but then it get stuck again.
EDIT2: I tried verifying game files, reinstalled the anti-cheat thing. Nothing helps. Client crashes after a while.

Hey there @Boccas!

Sorry to know you’re having issues when loading the game.

Does it eventually allow you to get into the game after you Alt+F4 or the character gets completely stuck on loading? Does it happen with just one or multiple characters?

Now, usually this is solved verifying the integrity of the game files, so give that a try. If the problem persists and you can’t get through the loading screen, give me your character name and server, I’ll try to “unstuck” them from here and see if it helps.

Additionally, make sure you’re running the latest updates for your OS and for the graphics card drivers.

I’ll be around so let me know.

tbh i didnt verify files, will do it soon.
I manage to get in the game and play, i do dailies and swap characters but every loading is a lottery. Sometimes it works, sometimes it get stuck at the last part of the loading bar, so i need to force the shut down with altf4 or steam button and restart, after that it works for a while, then repeat.
Will update after a verify

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For me at least, it happens with all my characters. Loading screen stuck at 10% - 100%. Sometimes the character loads, but gets stuck immediately. CPU is at 50-70% and after a while the client crashes. I did try verifying the game files and also reinstalled the anti-cheat software.

I’ll wait for your update @Boccas!

@CptZaepp Let’s do an experiment, give me the name and server of one of your characters, I’ll try and unstuck it from here and we’ll check if that helps somehow.

Mechymcshooty @ Ealyn @ EUW Thx for the help!

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@CptZaepp I relocated your character Mechymcshooty back to a safe spawn point. Take a look if there’s any difference now.

If the problem persists, please refer to our dedicate article for Troubleshooting Frame Rate and Performance Issues, or contact us via support ticket if none of the steps from the article fix the issue. Keep me posted on this. :wink:

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No change. Still stuck, this time at 10%.

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After yesterday repair, everything seems working now. Hope i m not talking too soon ahah

Thank you!

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Thanks for the update on this, tag me if anything else! :wink: