Stuck in Arthentine loading screen

After the patch on the 19.01.23 i was doing my daily chores and legion raids like all the time and everything was fine until i was doing lopang daylies on one om my chars.
I was using my saved bifrost to deliver the lopang quest to Arthentine (Arid Path) but i got stuck in the loading screen like it happened a while ago with Haiger’s Manor in South Vern.
So i contacted customer support and the next day my char was relocated so i could login again.
After the daily reset i was doing my lopang daylies again on this char and the exact same thing happened again. Stuck in loading screen. So i waited a while but after a few minutes my game just closed without any motice.
Same deal again i wrote another ticket and my char got relocated again.
Today i wanted to do the siege event on slime islan on my main char so i was sailing to Arthentine when i got stuck in the loading screen for the third time.
At this point i tried the fixes which were suggested to me by the CS but nothing worked even worse it got a third char stuch in the same loading screen too while trying different methods.
Im really frustrated right now and I dont know what to do.
I dont know why and how this keeps happening but this is really upsetting for a game which is out for about a year where every bigger patch there is some new gamebreaking bugs.
I dont know what to say anymore but i just hope that we can finally enjoy the game without those huge bugs.

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community, r0schi. Thanks for letting us know this has been happening to you. I’ll get this over to the team.