Stuck in Glass Lotus Lake! I can't enter the game [SOLVED]

Hi, I froze in the zone Glass Lotus Lake and afterwards I can’t log into the character without the game crashing.

Name: Patto
Server: Sirius
Zone: Glass Lotus Lake, Rohendel

If you can move my character to another zone that would be amazing!

Hello @Potatos!

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum!

Please log out of the game so i can move your character to a safe location.

Waiting for your response. :grinning:

I’m out of the game, I’m waiting.

Thanks @Valret

Hey @Potatos!

I was able to move your character to Prideholme.

Please log back in into your character and let me know if the issue persist.

I entered the game without any problems, but when I went to glass lotus lake, the game froze again. I have missions there and I have to go what do I do? I can’t enter the game, can you teleport to another zone again? @Valret

Hello @Potatos!

I’m sorry to hear that your problem persist.

I moved your character again to a safe location, before entering try this steps: Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

I hope it helps! :grin: :crossed_swords:

I’m trying, I hope my problem is solved, thank you very much.

problem solved, thanks. @Valret

Hello @Potatos!

I’m glad to hear that your issue was resolved, thanks for letting me know.

If you have any question feel free to ask.

Have a nice day! :grin: :crossed_swords:

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