Stuck in keep with lvl 10 Char

Hi there,
I made an Oopsie today… After relogging to my lvl 11 Char who just arrived in Prideholme, I decided to check on my Keep and went there via the button on the guild member page, completely forgetting that little Shandrie does not know the Song of Escape and has not yet activated the Triporter in Prideholme. So now, the little girlie is pretty much stuck in my keep. Could anyone please relocate her to Prideholme? The Escape function did not do the trick, as she is very safely standing on the grounds of my keep…
Server region: MittelEuropa, Server: Sceptrum, Char: Shandrie

Please let me know if I need to provide more information, and maybe it would be good to lock the keep buttons in the guild until a char has a means to actually leave there again?