Stuck in loading and no error showed, game unexpectedly crash

Hello @anesca,

I’m really sorry to hear about the inconvenience when trying to play with your character.

Can you please tell me if this issue is just happening when you launch the game with one character or is happening with all your characters?

To discard corrupted files can you please run an Steam file check, after that if possible restart your PC/Laptop and try again.


Hi Firius,
I’m actually not sure what has happened. So I login to my wardancer and I did Yoho guardian raid.
I clicked leave and forget to collect the soul.
Then I log in to my paladin and do another yoho. This time I remember tocollect the soul.
And then I log in to my Glavier to do tooki, I got tooki fake eye.
Then I teleport to Yorn and sail to Gesbroy to park my character.
It happened when I tried to change character.

Ty @Firus


I see, thank you for the information.

So, just to confirm, in this moment you are not able to play the game with any character. Every time you try to play with your different characters the error message “An error has ocurred” shows up.

Is that correct?

Also please remember to try with the file check if you haven’t:

Hi Firius,

Currently, I can login again. But if this happened again. I’ll let you know.


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In that case I’ll be tuned to any reply from your part if the issue reproduces again,

Hope you enjoy your game time and have a great rest of your day,

Bless. :leaves:

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