Stuck in loading at random times

Today ive been stuck in loading screen like 5-6 times, and it just happends totaly random.
I can play abit, then i started a guardian raid, and i got stuck in loading, just when its 10% of the bar left, it stops.

If i start the game again right away, i got stuck on first loading.
If i restart steam/comp i can play. But after a while i get stuck again, and have to do the same over and over.

Please help!

Hi @Meatmouse,

My apologies to hear about the issue you are experiencing with your character. If you are getting stuck in the same place everytime is because it can be a bug/issue in that particular place.

In that case I’ll ask you to please contact our colleagues in the Customer support:

They will escalate the case if is necessary and the team will make an in-depth research to solve it as soon as possible.

Best regards.