Stuck in loading screen cuz ealyn’s rapport quest

  1. my main character is stuck in loading screen. ‘Time to Heal’ Ealyn Rapport quest crashes game, character stuck —> problem
    Server NA East Azena
    Character name : Ninibupang
    Help me!!!

Hello @ninibupang

Welcome to the Lost Ark forums community. We are glad to have you here with us.

I have successfully relocated the character to a safer place for you. Please verify the integrity of the game files on Steam Client before relaunching the game and check if you are able to access it now.

I am also moving this post to the English Game Support category.

Have a good one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @ThunderWolf I’m having this same issue as ninibupang. Is there anyway you can help me as well?

Hello @HotbutColdbacon

Welcome to the Lost Ark Forums community.

Could you please help me with the character and server/region names so that I can try to relocate the character for you?

Looking forward to your response. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry forgot to add

Server: NA East Karta
Char: HoneyGlazeBacon

Thanks for the information @stevenaguilar24

I have relocated the character to Prideholme. Please relaunch the game and check if the issue is resolved.

Have a great rest of your day. :slightly_smiling_face:

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