Stuck in loading screen Ealyn’s rapport mission

hi im stuck in loading screen when doing ealyn raport mission can u help me unstuck my character please?

Name: Godsaint
Region: NA West
Server: Valtan
Class: Paladin
Level: 53

But can i do the mission after unstuck or im gonna get stuck again if i do it again?

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Hi @leofroz1, it’s a pleasure give you the welcome to our community!

I’m really sorry about the inconvenience with the character stuck, please allow me to unstuck it.

About the issue, different players are experiencing this inconvenience (in different places).
Our team is working hard to fix this soon and we know and understand it can be annoying cause is stopping you to go forward with your quests and the story.

I’ll relocate your character to Prideholme, after that if you want you can go ahead and try to access the same place. If for some reason you get stuck again I’m glad to relocate you again and you can play avoiding that place or that quest momentarily.

Really sorry for the inconveniences this may caused to you.

no problem mate thx i will tell u if my character stuck again thx for the update mate, also give me update if u already unstuck it thx u

Really appreciate your collaboration and patience!

I’ve successfully relocated the char. You can launch the game now : )

Best Regards.

sorry it still stuck again cant do the mission, can u help me unstuck again thx u for the incovenience

Sure! Working on it.

One moment please : )

Sorry to Hijack into this thread.

I have the same issue I just got stuck in Ealyns rapport quest can you unstick my character also I will avoid doing this quest until it’s fixed as the game just refuses to load my main character :frowning:

Region: EU West
Name: Seriouslyjo
Server Rethramis
Class: Gunslinger
Level: 52

Hi @leofroz1! Just to make sure, can you please close the game. My system is not allowing me to relocate cause it says you still online. I’m sorry.

Hi @SeriouslyJo, you are more than welcome to join us in this thread.

I’m glad to give you a hand with this. Doing the char relocation now, just as a discard please run an Steam file check while I’m working on your char.


@Firus I’m currently running an integrity scan for any bad files now, thank you for the quick response to fix this issue :slight_smile:

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i already out can u check it again?

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Both characters have been relocated.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

Have a great weekend.

so to do this mission i have to wait the hotfix right? btw thx u

Thank you, I can now play again, thanks again for the quick fix :slight_smile:

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Yeah, for the moment I’ll ask you to please wait until we find a hotfix to this issue.

Also, something that can help us for further investigation on this issue is if you contact our colleagues in the Customer support to escalate the case with a ticket to the dev team.

Really appreciate your collaboration and patience!

Have a good one.

Hopefully not too late for the thread, but I also ran into this problem when trying to do the quest, so I prob need a character relocation, too :sweat_smile:

Region: EU central
Server: Sceptrum
Name: Cassiaphe
Class: Shadowhunter
Level: 51

Welcome to our forums @Riparia! Never is too late friend :wink:

Working on it! Please close the game if you are online, I’ll update you in a few minutes.

Best Regards.

I have the same problem,so I prob need a character relocation
Region: NA west
Server: Bergstrom
Name: Ywsson
Class: Deathblade
Level: 53

The character Cassiaphe has been relocated,

Check the character status and let me know if there is anything else I can help you with : )

Hugs :cherry_blossom:

sorry my character still stuck apparently

Working on it @Ywsson, please allow me a few minutes!

I’m sorry to hear that @leofroz1. Working on it.