Stuck in loading screen moonkeep-Azamiiii

i try to connect with any of my character and i cant i was teleporting from Azure Wind island to Rethramis and get stuck

Server - Moonkeep
Character name - Azamiiii

Hello @franciscoj1379,

Welcome to the forum!

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, I apologize for the inconvenience you’re having with the character.

I moved your character to a safe zone, please restart the game and try to launch the game again.

Let me know if you need further assistance! :mage:

Same problem here,

Server: Moonkeep
Name: Züpfiklotscha

thx in advance.

hi, i have the same problem. i wanted to teleport with bifrost to fermata. pls move me to

name: Failuremoon
server Moonkeep

Hi @Kampfmilch,

I moved your character, remember to restart your game.

Hope this helps! :mage:

Same problem here,

Server: Punika
Name: Liara


My fiancee` has the same problem, she’s stuck on the loading screen after the crash.

Name: Pamaiva
Server: Punika


same issue here.

Server: Punika
Character: Sonoria

Thanks in advance.

Same problem here

Server: EU West (Rethramis)
IGN: Bakacx

Same Issue loading screen gets to about 75% was zoning out of Sapria Cave
Have verified files on steam did not fix the issue

EU West
Server: Moonkeep
Name: Caraarume (bard)

Same problem
Server - Petronia
character name - Drazze

Hey @Hashadin,

I checked, and it’s showing that your character is on that location, in this case if you’re having this issue is better that I move you to a safe zone.

Same problem here.
Server: Punika
Name: Ballisto

Same problem


It seems that a lot of people have same problem, any info how long it would take to fix this problem? Thanks!

same problem here
server - moonkeep
name Aliceonthefloor


sadly im still stuck and i hear the music from the estate playing, maybe it didnt work.

Name: Züpfiklotscha.
Server: EUW Moonkeep

bonjour chargement infini
serv: rethramis
Char: Wukywall


Welcome to the forum! :hugs:

I moved your character.

Same problem. Error Code g0x9-spelpwp1p2nt
Server: Moonkeep
Name: Kamika (sea of procyon)