Stuck in loading screen South Vern main story

While doing the South Vern main story a quest teleports me to Rielvarr Ruins and is now stuck in an infinite loading screen whenever trying to log into it. I can log into my alternate characters just fine. I’ve read that this is a known bug apparently, and that it requires moving the character to a safe place to fix it. I’ve verified my steam game files, restarted my game. Any help would be appreciated! Character name: Laurstriker Server: Brelshaza Region: EU Central

Same issue, i submitted a web ticket and they said to stay away from that area and they manually moved my character to log in. I’m actually in the process of submitting a 2nd TICKET because my character is STILL in that area and freezing on loading screen. Stay away from Rielvvar ruins for the time being

Hello, just informing you that the team is aware of loading issues in Rielvarr Ruins, here’s the forum post with all the info for you.

Are you aware of this bug occuring OUTSIDE of Rielvarr Ruins and Haigar’s Manor?

I now have 2 characters stuck when loading into ANYWHERE in Candaria Territory, either via Bifrost, Triport, or any of the manual map gates.

This effectively means my main is cut off from doing any Thunderwings or 1415 Chaos Legion content until patched, as CSR can only move my character back to Prideholme whenever I get stuck.