Stuck in queue in EU central sever zinnervale

i got stuck in queue in like 4h and still stuck also it goes slow like down 1 to 3 so it is bug or something?

same here but been stuck on neria queues for 4 hours

true, in neria processing only 500 ppl every 30 minuts

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Thirain, I´ve gone from 86 to 64 in 1 hour now…


Neria too, got from 10k+ to 120 in 2h and then down to 55 2h later…

Edit : Oh, i got in while posting ! \o/ Keep faith guys it still works !

yeah took me 2-3 hoyrs to go from 15k to 400 in zinnervale,but when i reached round 400 it goes down like 2 people every 5 minutes which kinda make no sense

same for me on thirain

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same on thirain, waiting since 3 hours
q start was at around 8800 and im at 6300 actually… this is absolutly sad! The whole sunday was at the end not my day.

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Same here… on Asta… was waiting ~4 hours from position 14000 to 200 and another 3 hours from 200 to 120.
Right in this moment I got in.