Stuck in T1 * help *

So I did all the islands, all the weekly content, all my dailies and I am still only 560 ilvl, I feel like I am missing something because other people have already progressed into t2. Here is what I have done so far. Please help and let me know what I am missing!

All T1 islands
Chaos Dungeons
Guardian Raids
Abyssal Dungeons
Traded pirate coins for t1 mats
Ghost Ship
Una weekly/dailies
Chaos Dungeon Weekly t1 mats

have you tried upgrading your gear?

Yes lol…

Alts and you get a ton of mats from your 2nd+ tower run, so clear as high as you can on an alt, then go back and do the same floors on your main.

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This, running alts to get mats. If you aren’t f2p, buying mats from Mari’s shop.

By “other people” do you means streamers? Well, not only them, the others that are keeping up are all cleaning up the cash shop, it has a decent amount of mats.
I believe you can also get mats from pvp and from farming chaos dungeon to get currency and use its shop

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Yeah maybe I just got unlucky on upgrades, I have not done any alt content tho, will do that ASAP. other people meaning yeah just people in general I see around at 900+ already.

you dont even need any mats from maris shop apart from harmony shards, i have 1000’s of wep and Armour crystals and leap stones from island quests alone, siting at 560 too

There might of been some min maxing other people did but you didn’t like getting first days daily dungeons.

Try to do the islands they give a lot of mats

Apparently I havent been registered long enough to be able to make my own topic yet, but it will let me make replies… I just want to say, I leveled a paladin- didnt skip anything- cleared every yellow/red quest as well as the entire storyline… which got me to 50 shortly after arriving in Stern (Arthentine?) So I grabbed all the purple guide quests that popped up, and headed over to Vern… did the story in Vern which unlocked the city, and all the dungeon kiosks and completed the purple quests… My problem is, I’m not ilvl 250 !!! So I cant do any of the T1 grind stuff yet… I am hoping when the servers come back online I’ll be able to keep doing story stuff to get upgrades? IDK, all the CC’s on youtube just talk about the leveling process with 250 ilvl being something you;ll be when you get to Vern, by default just from running the story… but it doesnt seem that way. Almost feels like if you take it slower and do everything, you can actually over level along the way and not get the gear to keep up?