Stuck in the same number in queue for a long time - Zinnervale


I’m quite stuck in the queue for a little while, I haven’t dc in the last 4 hours and I just happen to be stuck at 2778 in queue for like 40min.

Does this mean the server is full without log outs, or the worst case scenario… I have to re-enter again?

Hope to hear from you soon.



Same here…i do not dare to log out and back in.

Are you stuck around the same number?

You lucky, i can’t even queue…

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I was at 2800, then it went back up to 2877 and has been stuck there for over an hour. I have been in queue for 7 hours at this point.

Yes, started at 25.000 , then after many hours down to 3200 and then its stuck.

So we can assume its really stuck because there’s a lot of people not logging out…

No, I fear the serves crashing , and we wont get in today :frowning:

It got stuck at 327. Closed the game as it should save our spot in the queue and now getting “Cannot connect to the server. Exiting the game.” with some obscure error code.

I don’t think so. A friend of mine just passed me in the queue, he started approx 3k after me.

jesus thats spook me

Attempting to restart the game will just get you:

I have been in que since 6 am, for approx 10 hours now, and the que for Kadan is stuck at 5639. There has been no movement on the que for the last 3 hours now. I dread having to log out and log back in giving all the new issues developing.

I regret to inform everyone that is stuck, when you click cancel to rejoin the que, you get the dreaded error 10027. Same as ExVeeDoubleU’s post.

If your queue is stuck, you are *cked.