Stuck in the Training Room

Since yesterday one of my characters is stuck in the Training Room even though I never went or logged out there.

I cannot exit, play songs or anything else to leave.

Character: Lynkah
Server: Thirain (Central Europe)

My other characters are fine. Any idea what to do?

Hi @3-D :man_mage:

I’m so sorry that your character got stuck in the training room.

There is a couple of thing we can try to unstuck your character:

  1. Try move to a safe area by using the Song of Escape from the Sheet Music window.
  2. Try to open your map and Fast Travel to any Triports they’ve unlocked.
  3. Try using the Escape feature.
  • Click the gear icon in the lower right corner that says Service.
  • In the pop-up menu click Escape.
  • Escape will move you to the nearest spawn point and has a 20-minute cooldown.

If none of this options work please contact us using the following link:

Have a great day! :dragon:

Hey @Wonderer, thanks for your late reply but the issue has been solved in the meantime and it might interest you that none of these advises helped. It did not let me play songs, I could not open the map and clicking Espace just ported me back into the middle of the room. The chat support had to relocate my character. Have a great day!