Stuck loading area

Can login but loading into a new area game hangs and have to force close.
Details are

Server - Moonkeep
Character name - Princessdeath

Same issue here

Server EUW - Rethramis
Character - Anaïs

Same here
Serveur EUW - Rethramis
Character - Dwyer

Same Issue, but it happen when I was going to visit a stronghold for feast quest. Tryed 3 times now to rebot the game… stuck
I stay in loading screen for over 5-8 min then this screen come up and when I press OK, get kicked out of the game

Server EUW-Moonkeep
Character: Quinoa

Same here
Serveur EUW - Rethramis
Character - Hysterrika

Also getting this after trying to login to my character.
Server: Moonkeep
Charactername: Parkz

Serveur EUW - Rethramis
Character - Gaspard

Again cannot play

Just verified files it downloaded missing files booted game up and it hangs again. Eu west server is bonked

Can you move my character then please.

Eu west. Moonkeep server.
Char. Name. Princessdeath