Stuck on loading screen (1)

Good morning,

Issue began after today’s update. It might be completely unrelated but the only thing that has changed since last time it was working (Yesterday night) has been the update.

Troubleshooting so far:

  1. Validated files integrity.
  2. Removed cache downloads on Steam.
  3. Ran game as administrator.
  4. Re-install game.

Again, game was working just fine before yesterday.

I appreciate all the help you can provide me!

Hello @Benrue,

Welcome to Lost Ark Forums! :bouquet:

This issue for stuck on loading screen occurs when the character is stuck.

I request you share the names of the character as well as server name so that we can unstuck them for you.

Awaiting your response! :slight_smile:

Good morning Ruthless,

My main is called Bohnwa. Server: Karta - NA East

Thank you.

Thanks for sharing the details @Benrue. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid but I am not able to find any character named “Bohnwa” in NA East server. Can you cross check and share the correct name?

My apologies, it is: Bonhwa

Thank you for the quick response!

Appreciate your quick reply @Benrue.

I have successfully relocated the character to a safer place which is Prideholme for you.

Please verify the integrity of the game files on Steam Client before relaunching the game and check if you are able to access them now.

For more information related to Integrity check please refer :arrow_double_down:

See you in Arkesia! :magic_wand:

I appreciate the help.

Unfortunately, after doing the integrity check, my game is still not loading.

@RuthlessFalcon Is there something else I can try? Not sure what else I can do.

Apologies for the delayed response, @Benrue.

Since we have tried all the troubleshooting steps, I request you to contact our technical support team on live medium using the below link and they will resolve this issue promptly:

Hope this information helps you! :magic_wand:

@RuthlessFalcon do you think you can move my char too? i have a endless loading screen
Server: Ladon
NA East

Hi @Cofii,

I’m sorry to hear your character is stuck, let me take a look into this and move your char to a safe zone. Please close your game so I can proceed with the relocation.

Best regards.

@Firus Game is close, thanks for the quick response.

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Thank you : D

I’ve relocated Coffi to Prideholme, you can launch the game now and continue your adventure,

If there is anything else we can help with just let us know,

Cheers. :leaves:

thank you @Firus, i still need a little bit of help, now the loading screen is stuck at prideholme

dont mind my lack of mokokos :frowning:, i closed the game

Oh noo,

I’m sorry to hear that @Cofii, just to discard if you have not tried yet please go ahead and run an Steam file check:

Also please ensure your video drivers are up to date and if is possible restart your PC.

In the meantime I’ll check something in my end,

Please let me know how it goes.

Hi @Firus , thank you so much for continuing helping me, i should say, i made a post in the Latam forums, and another CS representative was assisting me, but he stopped replaying after i did what he told me (his name in the forums is Gomolobs), its been more than an hour of that event, so i came here seeking for help and you seem so much better by beign proactive and doing more in the meantime,
i already:
verify the integrity of the game files
did the repair process for EAC
updated windows
check for any updates for my graphic card
restarted my pc and wifi
and nothing, i just got an email saying i should provide a DxDiag report and some other stuff from amazon support for MX i suppose, should i do that or wait for you?

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First my apologies to hear about the previous experience, that’s clearly not the way we look to help our players,

At this point, after checking some details and due to your character still getting stuck after relocations I’ll ask you to kindly proceed to submit a Web ticket. Our colleagues will escalate this issue to the team in charge to make an in-depth research and solve it ASAP.
I know this is not the best answer or what you’re looking for and really appreciate your patience on this.

Let me know how goes, I would like to hear about the resolution and I’ll be certainly glad to help you if there is anything else.

Have a bless weekend.

I`ve tried to install the game again, the same thing happened.
Now I check again the integrity of the game files and still the same
After 3-4 minutes I can see prideholme but I get this error

I uninstalled the game, I installed steam… I install steam and the game… the same problem again…Is it about my IP or what is happening here?
the loading screen is blocked at 80% and nothing more.

Hi @Artazyth Welcome to the Forum! :lion:

I hope you’re having a great day and I’m sorry that you experience this issue with your character.

I was checking your account and I see that you are online with your character. :mage:

Do you still have issues with the loading screen ?