Stuck On Loading Screen Amazon Games

One friend of mine on Eu Central,Server:Belshaza Account Name:Leozor can not login…He opens the game and after the icon dissapears and the Full screen Amazon games appear it gets stack and cant open.He is completely stack.We went on discord and tried to fix this by searching forums and solutions and he has done the followings and still the bug is not fixed
1.Verify Files
2.Disabled Fullscreen,Enable Fullscreen
3.Run as Administrator
4.Closed on task manager programs
5.Disabled Antivirus
6.Reinstalled game
7.Restart computer around 15 to 20 times
8.Format his computer
9.Run on Dx9 or dx10 or dx11
10.Changed resolution of pc video card
11.Checked if everything is up to date and on the last update,All video cards,proccesors,games etc and display adapters were all up to date
12.Downloaded 3rd party programm with visual help,didnt work either

Tips:Last time he verified the game send a message that was saying this ^Verified Complete,5 files could not be verified and will be reaquired¨ any help?

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Update,In case anyone has the same problem.Disable Antivirus,then verify files,then click on browse Lost ark files on propertied,Find Lost Ark on Binaried´´Winexe64 and click properties and run as admin then press propeertied on Lost ark steam game and below the Launch Options press this -force-d3d9 and it is done,then reactivate your antivirus etc




This fixed my issues cheers bud

I was having the same issue and @papadakisvagelis’s update fixed it. I skipped the steps for disabling/re-enabling antivirus and it still worked.

Any solutions for this that can still run the game in DX11? Game performance suffers in DX9.

Was having this issue today for no reason, started the game and getting stuck in this screen, after all this time playing, never had any problems, suddenly it started today.

Writing -force-d3d9 in the steam launch options fixed it.

Why does that work? i have no idea, but it does. Thank you.

Kind of confusing how you worded that for a noob like me but It worked thank you!