Stuck on Loading Screen (Black Anvil Mine)

-What SERVER did you experience your issue on: Enviska
-What is your CHARACTER name in Lost Ark: Wesleysnipe
-What REGION are you in: NA West
-Describe the issue you are experiencing: I took an Ocean Liner to Yorn and I was stuck at the loading screen. After closing & reopening the game 4-5 times the issue was not resolved. Each time I attempt to log back into that character, I get stuck on the loading screen. The game ends up closing after about 2-3 minutes of waiting.

-Please include a SCREENSHOT or VIDEO of the issue that you have experienced:

Welcome to the forum community, TheKnockout.

Sorry to see that you’re character is stuck :frowning: .

I’ve moved this to the support section so our support team can help you get your character unstuck.

Have a great day.

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Hey @TheKnockout!

I’ll be happy to take your request!

I need you to log off the game in order to relocate your stuck character. In the meantime, please verify the integrity of the game files, once that’s completed, you can try to reconnect with your character. I’ll let you know once I move it.

Sounds good, I’ve just now logged off.

Thanks for the quick response!

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Good stuff. I just relocated your character, once the file verification is completed log back into the game and let me know if your character is unstuck now. :smiley:

I was able to login, problem fixed! @Santoryu, @Centeotl

Thanks again for the quick help

I’m glad to know it worked!

Tag me here if you need anything else and stay safe! :smiley:

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