Stuck on Loading screen when porting back from Stronghold

Everytime im moving from my Stronghold back to an island like Whispering Islet there is a high chance that my loading screen gets stuck on ~90% and i have to quit the game and log backin to get it running again.

Server: EU-Central Brelshaza

bug still present, happened for example when i tried to enter opher island with my main.

Hello @dddmaster, could I have your Character name?
Does this happen on your alts as well?

Happens on all my characters, some characternames include
when it happens it happens during a transition like from land to sea, sea to land, somewhere to stronghold, stronghold to somewhere. Sometimes it happens once every 30 mins, sometimes once ever 3-4 hours.

Gotcha! Thank you so much for the additional information. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue! I will pass your report to the Development team to review.

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update: happened right now as i switched characters from Neonights to Nyonare
22.06.2022 17:44 gmt+2

loading screen is always stuck at the same position Imgur: The magic of the Internet

os:windows 11
cpu:amd ryzen 7 3700x
ram: 32gb ram
gpu: nvidia geforce gtx 1070
screen resoltuion: 5120x1440
game resolution: 2560x1080 21:9 windowed with border
direct x 11
installed on hdd
startup options: -novsync -notexturestreaming -useallavailablecores
connection: no vpn, 60mbps down 10mbps up, ping to google shows no packet loss during the event.

still happening, for example just now 23:27 as i left a chaos dungeon on my character Neobana

still happening

issue still persists.

issue still present

issue still occurs