Stuck on loading screen

Teleported to Luterra Castle and stuck on loading screen for 10 minutes. I reset the game and logged back in and still stuck on loading screen, it has now been 12 minutes

same here

Error message finally came u after loading in, cannot connect to server and booted me to desktop

wtf is this loading screen stuck also i hear sound from game but it stucks on loading

Same here

Same here

Same issue, progress bar gets stuck at about 70% and hangs. Can hear background ambient sound of the area. Alt character loads in just fine however.

Zone : Medrick Monastery
Server : Kadan, EU
Character : Antony

im on Kadan EU as well

im on Kadan EU

Same here

yup same for me stuck in flowering orchid loading screen, and i can hear people running around on horses

same fix it quick please

same for me

im in KADAN server

Same for me.

Im in KADAN server

same here …

Server Kadan

Im on Vern Castle and same bug. Loading screen to 70%, can hear everyone on the background but keeps disconnecting me.

Server Kadan


got this error

Same here, Kadan EU

Same here

Server: Kadan

Same here on Kadan. Logging on another character seems to work so maybe it’s a town issue?