Stuck on stronghold quest after last night's crash

I completed the stronghold quest “A Necessary Procedure” and build the bella lucia. I still have the ship and it has completed a couple missions, but i am stuck on the quest to build the ship. The quest was completed shortly before last night’s server crash on Galatur. Is there any way to progress past this quest, or must i wait until a patch to continue playing stronghold missions?

Hello @Bdm, welcome to our forums! :slight_smile:

I will be happy to help you, first of all, could you please elaborate a little on what aspect of the quest you are stuck in?

I’ll wait for your answer! :smiley:


It says to select the lab by pressing ctrl+1, and complete the bella lucia ship. I’ve already built the ship/completed this quest, but it was back when i logged in today.

Please let me know if i need to attach screenshots of the quest requirements (open lab and bild the ship), the ship already built, and the lab having no available research.

Any update?

I still cannot do any stronghold quests. Is there ANY way to destroy my ship so i can create another for the quest? The abandon option is grayed out.

Any updates on this issue? I’m level 50 now and not sure whether i should keep investing time in this character. I dont know much about the game, but it seems the stronghold is pretty important and i’m going on 4 days of being unable to use it.

Am i the only one remaining with this issue? Surprised there hasnt been a fix yet, and for anyone searching, it seems there is no fix at the moment. I’ve chatted w/ support a couple times/week since this happened 28 days ago and we havent been able to resolve it.