Stucked between 1100 and 1302

I am playing with my friends. We did all steps towards to tier 3. I also had fun and enjoyed until all my friends passed over 1302. I can’t get the last piece of tier 3 gear from chaos dungeons. Today is the last day of our off days. They waited me for three days to drop item for dungeons and i can’t do other tier 3 things with them. There is no point to do tier 2 content because game considers me as tier 3. I did all other stuffs like islands, events, etc.

At the end, i get bored because i am at nowhere in this game at the moment and i must play solo in MMO game. I don’t know when it will drop.

That sucked all my fun and enjoyment in that game and work days came. All my hype for tier 3 content is gone because of that weird rng mechanic.

did you use the aura of resonance potions from the daily login rewards?

1302-1370 journey will take you weeks. All you need is upgrade mats and you’re getting them since 1100. Relax, continue doing daily chaos, and right after your last equipment piece drops, just upgrade everything at once and start enjoying early T3.

You won’t be able to experience T3 abyssal right away anyways if you have gotten your full set on day one.

Why are people so obsessed with numbers? Try different classes, try doing collectibles, get rest.

More or less, you can’t get stuck between 1100 and 1302 because that is where you can do the Punika quest line, and enter Infinite Chaos dungeon to jump to 1302…Just got to keep going in. You will get it eventually~

You need aura of resonance to get armor, You won’t get it eventually through infinite chaos. You can get jewelry without aura but not gear.

Right, i was adding onto what these other folks were saying…

They need to make T3 a guaranteed drop like T1. It sucks getting stuck with nothing to play but daily chaos.

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You don’t start getting T3 mats in your dailies, etc until 1302. You also can’t do chaos gates, world bosses, etc.

It’s a massive problem this RNG gate should not exist.

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That moment when you realize, the OP is not saying anything and we are left arguing amongst ourselves.

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