Stucked in a quest, can’t leave, HELP

I was doing a main quest and I have transformed in necromancer but the game has crashed after. I have re-entered and I find myself transformed but in the initial area of the mission where the only possible way is to jump to continue with the mission (I cannot go back or do anything, just go forward, but of course, I have to jump for it). The thing is that I can’t jump or do any action because I’m transformed and it doesn’t let me transform to human either. I’ve tried to use the F2 songs, use TP’s, abandon the quest… and I can’t do anything.

Is there any solution or do I have to create another character and delete this one? It bothers me to have to do it because it is my main character and I have dedicated +60h to it.

This happening in the server Arcturus
The mission is the “Immersed in Death”

Hello @zanni.rafa;

I’m really sorry about the issue that you have with this quest.

In this case, it would be better for you to contact AGS costumer service so that they can escalate this issue to the devs to see if they can help you solve this.

Thanks for your report! :slight_smile: