Stupid decision from AGS+Smilegate may lead this game to the biggest failure

Bringing the argos update which requires 1370, and only 1% of the server have reached that GS, that’s really stupid update. Besides that, not bringing all classes when the game launched, and now it’s said we will receive only 1 per month, that’s the most stupid decision ever.
All my friends are leaving the game because they were playing a class they don’t like and they don’t want to wait months to actually enjoy the game.

I think you guys shoulda realized that most of us played on RU/KR or even watched videos on youtube abous lost ark, so everyone was concerned about the classes, that’s why holding class is a stupid move and is making everyone goes rage.

I know the game is still holding 800k players, but that’s only the first month, and I can give Blade and Soul as example, that when launched held millions players online for a couple months, then stupid decision destroyed the game and now it’s dead. I hope this does not happen with Lost Ark, but with stupid decisions… I fear the future.


This matters because…? Having more content to progress towards is bad because…? Everyone needs instant access to newest update because…?

So all your friends are playing classes they don’t like out of 15 and somehow enduring the fight and giving up because they can’t even play classes they don’t know whether they will like or not? Are they like… 12? I want the classes to release too but seriously… I don’t know why you think statement like this helps at all.


Since day 1 of head start, these forums have been flooded with X will kill Lost Ark! Maybe a new format is needed, not sure.


To be fair, all the content in the world won’t matter when literally almost no one has reached the GS to even do it yet.


Having a content where most people will not be able to do because of honing system, is stupid and useless…

They know the classes they want to play because they played on RU server so YES they know the class they like and want to play


YET is the key word.
Why does it have to be accessible as soon as it comes out? It’s not like Argos is some kind of timed event and going to disappear in a week, weeks, or even a month.

What is wrong with vertical content being pushed out so people who plowed ahead have new content to occupy themselves with while everyone else can play at their own pace? Explain to me how Argos releasing has anything to do with how you’ll play the game outside of your ego. If there is even an ounce of merit, I’d be happy to hop onboard.

If you’re in T2, you’re still going to be working towards T3.
If you’re in T3, you’re still going to be working towards higher ilvl.

It’s ridiculous that people are whining that there will be more content waiting for them once they progress to 1370. Holy hell WHAT INJUSTICE that you can’t do it right away! Call the police.

So you’re claiming you and your friends are vets

Yet you’re complaining about honing chances.

Right. Cool story.


And your point ?
Being vet or not does not change you honing chances. Only if you are p2w u will not have to worry about honing chances


You’re allegedly RU vet, yet you complain about much cleaner and improved gear progression as well as content compared to how it was pre-Astalgia.

Again, it’s a cool story. I wonder how you guys managed to survive the injustice in RU of not gaining instant access to Viakiss Kuku and Abrelshud.


Every single time someone wants to validate “x” opinion they always most certainly say it’s the “worst decision, going to kill LOA, destroy the game in one month”.

No it’s not, the loud minority does not speak for the silent majority and it never will.

They will release Argos, people will play who are 1370 right now will go into it and those who aren’t will get there eventually.

More content is good content, simple as that.

Furthermore again, the majority of players did not play on other regions, there is a very small minority who did. Let me remind you that the CCU for Korea had only peaked at 300k, majority of those users were local as you needed KSSN and very few overseas people made it in especially after the reverification waves.

We have 800k people, mathematically “most of NA/EU” are new.


class’s and skins should be this update then argos/honing catch up end of month if they are smart


Oh god this misinformation keeps spreading further and further.

It’s you who is clearly clueless.

Devs apologized about Season 1 for horrible systems. They never apologized, NOT ONCE, about the actual T1/T2 contents. They did, however, improve gear progression by simplifying it. Guess what we received at launch, from day 1. Simplified improved progression for T1 and T2 with island mats, which was meant to be part of catchup mechanics for KR, a 3+ year old server.

When you try to discredit others or call people nimrods, do yourself a favor. At least do a fact check instead of repeating what another idiot without a clue spewed online.


For a good many people, “world first”/“region first”/“server first” things matter - personally I’m not one of them, but they exist, and there’s a good amount of them.

I don’t necessarily think that launching the FIRST one is bad, but if they continue to pump them out at a rate oriented around catering to the like top 0.5% or 1% of gear scores, combined with an upgrade system that does in fact contain a healthy amount of RNG, could let to no small amount of resentment from the playerbase or foster an environment in which the game is viewed as only for mega-whales.

Again, that’s not for this one - only if they continue to pace subsequent launches around comparably nuts to achieve scores.


But people who are loudly complaining are NOT in that “world first” bracket to begin with. Those people are already in 1370+, some in 1400’s.

I do agree that for the reasons you’ve mentioned, delaying content release may have some merit. However, it should not be because some immature people loudly complaining because they care about imaginary epeen contest.


Bullshit and you know it’s bullshit. People quit in droves in Korea due to the shit that was T1 and T2 and they got ate up for it. Theres god damn fucking charts of how many people quit over it and they all came back when they got put in T3 because T1 and T2 were utter fucking failures.

Get over it. It’s a garbage system that 99% of the players that try to progress are fucking stuck in,. Take your elitist shit and stick it.


ya bruh, i still see a bunch of ppl playing and they dont care about argos update, you are the only one who cares lmao (You and 3 more ppl on this forum)

Today i told my bestfriend that we will get a new patch with endgame conent, and he said i don’t really care, i want to get all the mokoko seeds first c:


His title definitely sounds like a Fox news report.

If the classes that you like to play isn’t release yet then don’t play the game until they release it, no one forces you to play classes that you don’t like to play just to wait until they release your favorite class

Who the fuck cares? This isn’t about the other shit to do. Theres a ton of content to do. I don’t give two shits about Argos. T2 is still garbage. And it’s still not completed by 99% of the player base. Every single ounce of shit said was 100% true. T2 to T3 is a RNG pay call card swipe sweaty dork fest. The only idiots complaining about Argos anyway are the 1% of people that don’t want the 99% of the people playing the god damn content to begin with.

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Exactly, also LA is a game where you can literally join late and still do just fine… they do a lot of catch up events and mechs.

You’re delusional if you think this describes the majority of players.