Stupid knowledge transfer vs powerpass

i do not care about t1-t2 honing. it’s a non issue. i think around 8k gold will get you straight from t1 to t2 and it might be 1.5x that for t2, not counting shards but if you have a few of those shard boxes they give out saved that’s a non issue too.

the huge issue for when I want to create an alt is the world quests. I don’t have the time or energy to play those 4 hour long quests for each region again. you can skip rohendel and feiton but then you can’t knowledge transfer the regions after them. and the amount of times you have to complete the quests to knowledge transfer is ludicrous anyways.

we DESPERATELY need paid powerpasses. even just paid feiton powerpasses, the only quest I can tolerate is punika really since there’s not too many annoying quests, no sthpid transformation quests.

regardless, in a game centered around alts, I shouldn’t be forced to replay the story just so I can progress my characters (alts are absolutely fundamental unless you want to be just 1460 by the time brelshaza comes out).

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It’s 2h~ per continent


rohendel is way longer than that for sure.

Then you are slow.


no. and regardless they need to being paid powerpasses i don’t have 8 hours to redo boring shit.

Then knowledge transfer

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literally cannot because it wants me to do it on 2 more characters just to be able to knowledge transfer one.

Then play the game

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WHY would i want to do the same stupid thing numerous times? everyone knows it’s not the entertaining part of the game hence the powerpasses exist everywhere else.

Paid powerpasses are not a thing anymore in KR, just play the game it’ll be better than doing a forum post to QQ

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Assuming you used feiton power pass. With the new punika power pass releasing you should have the 3 characters needed to knowledge transfer 3 more characters to punika assuming your main is in punika and the feiton powerpass also completes punika.

Paid powerpassed are still a thing in Kr. It was announced in the patch where it was removed that it is being reworked and will be re-introduced with a better system. It’s only temporarily disabled in Kr and is still available in Ru/Jp.

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those “some bags” u get in T2 isnt that much. i pushed a t1 char 2-3 weeks ago and with stronghold buff i need somewhat around 150.000++ Shards. Did Tower + had some shard boxes left from the island… it was painfull getting him from t2 to T3. More than from 1302 to currently 1405.

Bcus that something you already do with daily/rested chaos dungeon and guardian raid :laughing:
Same goes for legion raid and whatever other content in this game.

But yea, i would like to see 1415 power passes (even in the shop) to get to the core starting point of the game with more characters.

yes but i still play BECAUSE i enjoy the combat. emphasis on the word combat. i don’t like the story. there is a way to get past it, just not in our version, and I’d like it in our version. simples.