Stupid pheon general discussion

I miss click a wrong ring for my main and I spended 3k gold for 3p pheon… I ve 20 gold now and wrong item… I can t give to my alt becouse need other 25 pheon for trade with my alts… This mech ruin the game so much with this market price…


That’s unfortunate and I’m sorry to hear that you can’t get your pheons back. Yes those things are absolutely ridiculous and expensive now. To the point that I think new players are just discouraged from playing this game. It is a tall order to accessorize 6 alts. I have been playing this game a lot and from the beginning of the launch in NA, have a very high level roster of 6 alts over 1460 and yet I can hardly accessorize my alts and buy leg books.

I understand that the game dev need to get paid. But using pheons is devious. It’s greedy and it will be their down fall.


Completely agree…
It’s a malus for the game


you have 6 1460 chars and can hardly use your weekly gold from raids for leg. books? i mean cmon… saying its hard for new players is one thing but to say it is for your roster is pretty disingenuous. you clearly mismanage your income. if you have that kind of a roster you should tell new players it takes time to gear.
And to op, if you buy wrong items and lose your pheons its your fault, you can pin items on the market and when you have your 5 ready you buy. ofc its hard to gear if you waste your gold and pheons. And i dont want to say pheons are fine, they are trash but managable.

Firstly, you don’t know me and my habits of spending gold. So don’t be an assume and be an ass. The word ass is in assume.
Next, even at my level, I can hardly accessorize my main and just one of my alt. The rest are using leg acc. The accessories themselves are very expensive, some ranging from 80-150k gold.
In addition to pheons, we have to use gold to quality upgrade, use gold to buy tripods, use gold to deal with the RNG of stone cutting.

So please, I don’t think you are even at this stage of the game to be talking. If you are then you would know and not open your mouth to invalidate what I had to say.

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I am totally not trying to troll here, but I have never had a problem with pheons. I have a main with 5x3, and 3 alts with 4x3 and I’ve literally never spent any gold/crystals on pheons. I just played the game, earned pheons through quests and events, and after gearing out my 4 characters with everything I need, I still have 150 pheons leftover.

I didn’t spend a single pheon on any of my characters until I reached 1415 though, because I didn’t need to. Sure, I may not have been the best equipped, but I never had problems getting into raids or clearing them.

I think people must just be wasting them on 1370, then again 1415 and so on just because they want to be fully decked-out.


if you prioritize your ilvl for good engravings ofc you have no gold. if you take 10k from your weekly income and buy grudge every week you get there. every other engraving is even less than that. if you just prioritize other things with your gold ,thats fine. from the new player perspective a guy like you should have some tips to get there but you are clearly not a person a new player should ask for any advise at all.

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So please, I don’t think you are even at this stage of the game to be talking. If you are then you would know and not open your mouth to invalidate what I had to say.
assume xD

That’s probably why.

I think people must just be wasting them on 1370

This was me, and I am sure new players as well. Back when 1370 was top level, I did spend a decent amount of pheons on accessories and tripods. Not to mention skins.

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Grudge books were selling over 10k each. That would take how long? like 20 weeks? And now they’re ~6.4k. If I did save up 10k a week to buy them now, it would take me 12 weeks, roughly 3 months.

And this is JUST leg engravings. Let’s talk about RNG of cutting a 7/7 stone , which drains the life out of pheons, ultimately a player’s gold or real money. Add that to quality upgrading, tripods rng, rng of honing, rng this, rng that. Good luck accessorizing 6 alts.

As a veteran player, I will say the game will only get rougher for you. You will have to invest more time into it to keep up the pace with the top of the community if you want to be at the top. If you are a casual player who don’t care and don’t mind running 3x2 at 1370 while everyone is 1480+ with 5x3, this does not concern you.

I hate to say it, that other guy is right lol.
If you have 6 chars at the 1460+ range and you can’t gear them… and this is one of your goals? it’s b/c you are managing your gold income very poorly.

B/c with a full roster of 1460s you should be bringing… on a good week 100-200k+ with the top end from bussing, drops etc. but on average it should be around 70k raw gold.

Not sure what you’re doing with your gold. It should take you less than 2 weeks to buy 20 grudge books, 3 or less weeks to buy 40 top-end books i.e. grudge/cursedoll/etc. whatever your roster mainly uses… to make gearing your 1460s a lot easier.

And you’re even talking about struggling with pheons lol with the gold income you bring in each week, with this high of a roster makes me think you don’t really have a full 1460+ roster tbh.

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Believe what you want to believe. I am currently there and I am giving everyone a real experience feedback. Honing, RNG of cutting stones, buying tripods, gems, books, it all drains your gold.

Do you actually have 6x char that’s 1460 wtih 5x3 accessories, tripods, and gems? Please answer this that and we’ll have a conversation.

Imagine spending 100k honing from 1445 to 1460 and complaining about 10k pheon cost.

Imagine you understanding the point of this topic instead of giving a snarky reply. Just imagine.

And you are likely wasting your gold or spending it poorly somewhere in this list then blaming pheons for the cause lol… but obviously you don’t see it this way… you see it more like the game isn’t fair to you cuz you want to spend your weekly allowance on candy and ice cream at the same time. :clown_face:

Hey game, I should be able to spend 100k on this long list of things except PHEONS ARRggghh lol. Am I close yet?

I never said my goal was to gear up all my 1460 alts but I do understand there’s limited gold gain per week. So if I need to gear my 1460 alts, maybe I won’t buy 100k worth of engraving books this week, maybe I won’t hone 100k worth of gold and you know go buy some pheons instead? this way I don’t have to complain on the forums about how I still don’t understand how to manage my gold.

But you still don’t get it do you? You still just think you should have it all. Apparently, you have all this disposable income in the game, yet have zero clue where your gold is going so you can afford pheons lol.

Annnnd just to emphasize… This is what every complaint about pheons comes down to in a nutshell. People not wanting to use 10k on pheons but 100k on honing or 500k on accessories is super cool tho lol.

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And where am I wasting my gold? Can you point it out? Or is it a lame excuse of an assumption here, which you are trying to use to invalidate my point?

I never said my goal was to gear up all my 1460

You never plan to gear your alts, did NOT gear your alts. And here you are arguing against someone who is LOL You talk as if you know what the experience is like gearing alts. HOLY JESUS! The audacity! OR should I say ignorance of this man. Do us all a favor, go through ACTUAL process of trying to honing 6x char into 1460, gear them all, get proper tripods, gems, etc and come back and talk to us. Until then, you have no say into the matter of peons being a problem or not.


This whole convo is based on speculation. What are you? talking facts now? Where’s your data for pheons being an issue? Right you got none.

And here you are arguing against someone who is

Yet you are confused how to afford pheons with a full roster of 1460s. Enough said.

LOL “where’s the data that pheons being an issue” ROFLOLOL

Just go around the entire forum and read the post bro. Now go around and find me a topic that says, “I LOVE PHEONS! KEEP THEM COMING” Please, find me just one!

Talking out of your arse is something I notice you enjoy. I’m done talking with you.

honing 6x char into 1460

Knows how to use gold to hone 6x chars to 1460 but doesn’t know how to afford pheons lol.

What happens when pheons are removed? Is there going to be 10 posts a day to remove the gold cost from honing? Its gonna cost you guys millions of gold to get to 1600. And yet u cry about 10k for 100 pheons lol