Stuttering and fps drops

Almost 3 months into the Game , posting about it ( and much more in other posts) and still we dont have a solution, ive been playing this game at the lower res and at the lower graphic settings bc of stuttering even tho my pc can handle the game and other AAA, this is just frustrating , i havent loved an mmo like this one for a while and it is punishing that i have to play it looking like crap and having fps drops constantly. Please focus on this issue i think u shoul prioritize fixing it before everything, i honestly dont kknow if it will be possible… its been going on since february launch. I honestly dont think its going to be fixed. So for me this is it, ill be quitting a great game just bc of bad optimization, SAD
Ive tried everything , yt videos, reddit, posts here, it is something they have to fix either EAC or memory leak, whatever it is.

I swith off most of the effects ingame options and config my GPU for controll that effects, for example the antialiasing, I get a big improve doing that. Hope thats help.

How about posting your pc specs and in game settings. How is anyone supposed to help with that? From your informations I can only tell you to get a new PC. Lost Ark is well optimized and the graphic are far from up to date.

You can also try to post this issue in the game support section.