Stutters/micro Freezes every time someone writes in Area Chat and / or Loot Log is active and you pick up items

  • Every time someone writes something into the area chat, the game stutters.
  • Every time I pick up items, it stutters - especcialy noticable in chaos dungeons, when you have many items to pick up - then you have a slideshow, as long as the pet is looting (also happens on manual looting without the pet) or when completing the violet loot pet quest at the part, when you get alot of seeds on the ground and you start looting them all.

Can be “solved” by deactivating the area chat and the loot log in the chat settings.
Still want to be able to read the chat while playing, but its very disturbing with the constant stutters and micro freezes every time someone writes something in the chat.
Happens on direct x11 and 9. Does not matter min or max graphic settings.
Besides that, when nothing happens in the chat or if I deactivate it, I have 70-90 fps on max settings with no issues.

I did not have it on the mailru Lost ark servers (russian version), but maybe the loot chat is deactivated there by default - did not check.

System: win 10 x64
cpu: i5 8400 6 core
GPU: nvidia gtx 1060
16gb RAM
Game is installed on the SSD
Latest nvidia drivers are installed
Power settings are set to max performance

Others have same issues:


Youre welcome =)

Unfortunately have the exact same problem but noticed it only when pet was looting. Annoying to a different extend.

Have not tried disabling via chat the notification, hope it works, but there must be a real fix to be done.

Hope someone from the team actually investigates it.

bump, I only now just started getting Area Chat microsutters after the 3/3 update

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I hope the developers look into this, because I never had this problem before and it only started after a few days ago right after patch, which leads me to believe something got messed up with the chat-box, the stuttering is so annoying.