SUAP <Level 12 Guild> 1400+ ISO

Name: (Shut Up And Pull)
Level: 12 Split 70/30 in your favor
Server: NA-West, Valtan
Goals: PvE Progression, PvP, and GvG content.
Min Ilvl: 1400+

Our guild is looking to push all forms of end game content in a casual atmosphere, but progress-minded pace. We come from High-end WoW, FF14, and PoE backgrounds; and we are looking to be an exclusive and recognized guild for its quality of players and achievements. Currently, we have a strong focus on forming static groups, we want to build synergies and strong raid comps for the Valtan release.

We have 6 successful Argos guild groups 1 shotting P3 Argos on a weekly basis in under 30 minutes. Guild stats: Server first lvl 50 Two full guild rosters 95% of members are 1395+

A welcoming and fun community without the compromise of a strong raid environment. The only time we will lock in, Will be during progression, so don’t be upset if I tell you to. “Shut Up And Pull” •We have players with a wide variety of commitments to the game… What do we expect from you?
• Must be English Speaking
• Reasonably active
• 500 guild contributions a week
• You must have the ability and motivation to perform within your class at a high level.
• Guild before self attitude
• 1395+
• Commit for Static Group Recruitment: Big two things I look for is cultural and a quality fit, all applicants are required to fill out a quick application, followed by a Voice call interview. currently full-on paladins, but are still welcome to apply.

P3 Argos ( 1400+ will reach Valtan in 2 weeks or so)
Group D (Sunday 7:00 PM PST) -up to 3 DPS and 2 supports

Normal (1415+)
Group A (Saturday 7:30 PM PST) - 1 DPS Fill (just for the first Valtan week)
Group B (Monday 7:30 PM PST) - 1 non Gunslinger DPS and 1 support
Group C (Sunday 7:00 PM PST) - 1 non-beserker DPS and 1 support

Hard (1445+)
Group E (Monday 7:30 PM PST) - 1 Support

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