Sublime Island bug

Greetings everyone,

I just finished my rapport with Krissa on the sublime Island to get the token, but it seems that I can’t unlock Ezrebet rapport, the quest required called Primordial Existence, didn’t appeared anywhere on the island when I reached Friendly with Krissa. I was wondering if it was a bug or if we need to do one more step to unlock the other rapport, I do assume that it goes the other way around and that you can’t rapport Krissa.

Kind regard Laellyn

Hi, the same happened to me. It appears that we could only choose one of the NPC when we completed the stealth quest. I wish I knew earlier, because I chose Krissa too and I’m now stuck with Krissa to rapport for the island soul when I have a lot of rapport items for Ezrebet.

either one or the other. Both give island soul when rapport is trusted.

Wish I had realised this, as locked out of the sail design from Ezrebet.

I assume we can complete this with an alt on the same roster and claim both rewards, minus the island soul?

I know, but normally you unlock the other one when you reach trusted and got the island token, at least that how it was on KR and RU. So I was wondering if our version is bugged.

Was this determined to be a bug or just how the NA version works?


any update to this? i finished krissa and would like to do ezrebet now :smiley:

Quick update, from what I’ve seen if you go there with an alt you can choose the other npc and thus unlocking the two of them (I did it after I got Krissa maxed out). But it seems that you can’t unlock it with only one character.