Sublime Isle and all the stealth quests

Well, I had a lot of fun with the game since release. Finished almost all the continents for Ignea, maxxed rep with a good 30 NPCs. But I arrived on Sublime Island today, and spent an hour and a half doing the same horrible experience over and over. I don’t get to spend a lot of time playing, and wasting my time on an experience I dislike is truly a waste of my time.

I don’t know if you put so many of these frustrating stealth quests into the game because Korean players find them entertaining, but they do nothing but sour the game for me. To the point I just want to play something else entirely.

Good luck with the bots, thanks for the game, I hope it improves.


Even it I needed some help from my son (on Sublime Island) I enjoy these quests very much. The other Island (can’t come up with the name right now) took me a few days, too, but I made it - and it was really spooky. Nice :smile:

have fun with metus island, conceptually one of my favorite islands in the game, in practice probably the worst island in the game outside of the rng mess that is yearning.

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So you’ve picked mushrooms and collected snails for days, but a few stealth quests is where you draw the line? Sure.

Well, there’s only like 3 in the game right? Only one is required (Feiton story quest).

I would like it 1,000% if they added checkpoints to those so you don’t have to start from the VERY DANG BEGINNING each time. So far I tried them both islands a couple times and noped out.